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Randolph, MA

The Town of Randolph in conjunction with TRI the resource inc. and Bailey Boyd Associates, is proud to be able to offer our first grant year of Housing Rehabilitation Program in Randolph for qualified homeowners. 

The Randolph Housing Rehabilitation Program is available to income qualified homeowners and tenants.

The Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program has been created as a “Moderate Housing Rehabilitation Program” whose grant priorities are to:

Address the health and safety repairs in single-family, owner occupied properties.

Increase and maintain the supply of affordable, year round rental housing.

*DEFERRED FORGIVEABLE Loans of up to $40,000.00 at 0% interest may be available to income qualified applicants.

If you are interested in this program, believe that you meet the income qualifications based upon the Income Eligibility Chart below and would like to apply please click on and download the Randolph Housing Rehabilitation Application and attach all supporting documentation. Please return all of the information to Executive Director, Melissa Vincent or Assistant Director, Kaitlyn Seaton at P.O. Box 4548, Tisbury MA 02568.

Melissa can be reached via email at 

Kaitlyn can be reached via email at and via telephone at (508) 696-3285. Jean Stanley can be reached via email at and via telephone at (508)-694-6521.

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